DECO-SEAL is a non-yellowing waterbased sealer designed to beautify and protect exterior and interior masonry and concrete surfaces. Due to small particle size, this sealer has excellent penetration in porous cement surfaces. It quickly forms a medium gloss that is durable, dust-proof, waterproof, and non-yellowing. DECO-SEAL is an excellent choice to seal and beautify the now popular acid stained surfaces, such as those stained with Lambert Southwest DECO-ETCH acid stains.

Important Facts:
* Provides a beautiful medium gloss and long lasting protection over acid - stained surfaces.
* Will not significantly change the color of the surface.
* Is designed to be environmentally friendly. It is compliant with all VOC regulations at 0.65 lbs/gal (less water).
* Is also chemical resistant to many household chemicals. It also provides some resistance to gasoline and motor oil allowing easy clean up after spills.
* Can also preserve the beauty and increase the life of masonry surfaces.


Before applying DECO-SEAL the surface should be dry, free of efflorescence, dirt, loose particles, and foreign matter. Structural defects should be repaired. Acid - Stained floors must be neutralized prior to applying DECO-SEAL. Always do a test sample first. DECO-SEAL can be applied with squeegee, brush, roller, or sprayer. Our preferred method is with a squeegee applied in thin coats. Use material as it comes from the factory - without thinning. Most porous surfaces require 2 coats. Allow time for first coat to dry before second coat is applied. Coverage is 100 - 150 sq. ft. / gallon with 2 coats(depending on the porosity of the surface).


1 gallon plastic jugs or cases containing 4 - 1 gallon jugs.