DECO-FINISH is the final step product to be used in Lambert Southwest Interior Decorative Concrete Floor Coloring Systems. It is used in conjunction with DECO-STAIN and DECO-SEAL, also from Lambert Southwest. This ultra high solids floor finish is a tough and flexible metal cross-linked acrylic, formulated to dry to a brilliant gloss. It does not require buffing to bring out a shine. However, buffing as a part of regular maintenance procedures will prolong the life of the floor. DECO-FINISH also shows excellent slip resistance. It is an excellent choice for floors in high traffic areas such as, schools, malls, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants. DECO-FINISH will provide a beautiful, lustrous, glossy finish over acid-stained or integrally colored concrete floors.

Important Facts:
* Will provide a beautiful, lustrous gloss over colored concrete.
* Will protect the DECO-SEAL which will allow for fewer applications of sealer during the life of your floor.
* Is non-yellowing, dust proof and detergent resistant.
* Shows excellent slip resistance. It’s static coefficient of friction was measured by the James Machine in accordance with ASTM D2047-82. It has a rating of 0.74.
* Is resistant to soils, black marks, and scuffs.
* Does not require buffing, but is easily buffed to extend the life of its lustrous gloss.


Before applying DECO-FINISH, thoroughly clean floors and allow them to dry. Apply DECO-FINISH in thin, even coats with a mop or a finish applicator. Allow each coat to dry prior to applying additional coats. Maintain floors by damp mopping and buffing as needed. DECO-FINISH can be removed using conventional non-ammoniated strippers. Do not dilute DECO-FINISH. Do not return unused finish to original container. Do not use on surfaces colder than 45 degrees F. DECO-FINISH may whiten if exposed to water, but should dry back to a clean film. DECO-FINISH is not solvent resistant. DECO-FINISH is for interior use only. Since DECO-FINISH drys to a high gloss, buffing is not required. However, buffing as a regular maintenance procedure may extend the life of the floor.

One coat of DECO-FINISH will cover approximately 1000 square feet on floors that have already been sealed with DECO-SEAL.


1 gallon plastic jugs or cases containing 4 - 1 gallon jugs.