MORTARTITE is a blend of Pozzuolanic ash, Stearates, wetting agents and plasticizers. MORTARTITE combines with the free alkali normally in mortar components thus forming water insoluble metallic salts. The use of MORTARTITE will retard the formation of efflorescence and eliminate staining.

When MORTARTITE is used in brick mortars, the resultant mix will show:
a. An increase in compressive strength.
b. A decrease in the shrinkage to a minimum.
c. Better working properties and longer working time of the mortar itself.
d. The wettability of MORTARTITE also will reduce the water ratio by about 25%.
f. A better wettability of the brick or block thus eliminating hairline cracks and increasing tensile strength between mortar and substrate.


MORTARTITE is to be used in the proportion of 1 lb. per sack of cement and 1 lb. per cubic foot of lime or lime putty.


MORTARTITE comes in 50 lb bags.