HYDROCEL is specially formulated stearate compound for increasing the water repellency of concrete, stucco, and mortar mixes, with no harmful effect on the mix. When added to Portland cement mixes, it coats the sand and aggregate components with water insoluble calcium stearate, lines the internal pores, or voids in the mass, thereby decreasing porosity and lessening the possibility of capillary attraction and transmission of water.

HYDROCEL POWDER is used to make concrete, stucco, cement plaster and cement mortar more repellant to water penetration.

In addition HYDROCEL also:
a. Permits gauging water reduction without affecting the workability of concrete or mortar.
b. Minimizes segregation and bleeding by increasing homogeneity of the mix.
c. Improves adhesion between brick, block, and mortar because of reduced shrinkage due to lower water requirements.
d. Reduces free lime content.
e. Minimizes the danger of cracking and spalling by decreasing water absorption.
f. Reduces capillary attraction of water.


HYDROCEL admixtures are used to reduce permeability and to protect mass concrete, stucco and mortar in below grade work such as swimming pools, foundation and basement floors and walls, storage tanks, and wherever normal hydrostatic pressures exist. Used in above grade mortar and stucco to obtain tighter joints on brick, block, stone, and glass block wall construction, and in retaining walls, etc.

Use 1 lb. of HYDROCEL per bag of cement. For each cubic foot of lime used, add one additional pound of HYDROCEL POWDER. HYDROCEL POWDER is thoroughly mixed with the dry Portland cement and aggregate before the addition of gauging water. In transit-mixed concrete, HYDROCEL POWDER is added to the dry mixture, agitated for five minutes and then added to gauging water. If the HYDROCEL POWDER is added to the wet mix, agitation of at least ten minutes is recommended.


HYDROCEL POWDER comes in 50 lb bags.