COLORHARD is a non-metallic, dry, ready-mixed, colored concrete floor hardener that will not rust or stain. COLORHARD is composed of alkali-resistant, chemically pure colors combined with cementitious binders and mineral aggregate hardener. COLORHARD is for both exterior and interior floor surfaces and when applied to freshly laid concrete floors as a dust coat it becomes an integral part of the surface. COLORHARD will assure beautiful, evenly colored floors that are rust-proof, slip-resistant and dust-proof. Ideal for stamped or scored concrete floors used in showrooms, patios, etc.


When applying “dust-ons” timing is one of the biggest factors. If the concrete is to wet, the dust-on topping will wash into the concrete too much. If the concrete is too dry, the topping can not be troweled in easily and the dust on topping will peel off the surface in a very short time. It is best to work with a very small area (3 yards or so) when starting to use dust-ons, then work your way up to larger areas, but we do not recommend pouring more than 10 yards of concrete at a time. Straight-edge the concrete to finish floor level. When surplus water has disappeared, dust on dry COLORHARD, as it comes from the factory container, using one half to two-thirds of the total specified amount. Wood Float thoroughly, but DO NOT STEEL TROWEL. Apply second dust coat of COLORHARD using the rest of the specified amount. Wood float and finish steel troweling. Seal with an appropriate sealer for concrete. For suggestions on different sealers call Lambert Southwest.

If you are interested in a solid color for your floor then use the colorhard at 40 lbs per 100 square feet. If your interest is more toward the mottled floor look, then use 20 lbs per 100 square feet. On an average our suggestion is a 60 lb container will cover 150-200 square feet. As with all of our products we recommend trying our materials on a test pad first. Get a feel for the coverage you want and the workability of the concrete.


COLORHARD is packaged in a 60 lb bag, or it can be special ordered in a 60 lb plastic container at additional cost. To give you the freshest material most COLORHARD is made upon demand. Allow extra time for manufacture of COLORHARD.