Concrete Colors


Lambert colors are pure, fine ground pigments, of either the synthetic or the natural variety. They contain no filler or artificial adulterants. Because of their extremely small particle size, they have the highest possible tinting strength. They are lightfast, limeproof, and weather resistant. Recommended for integral coloring of sidewalks, patios, terraces, and showrooms. NOTE: JET BLACK, BLACK WALNUT BROWN, AND DARK EARTH BROWN ARE NOT RECOMMENDED AS INTEGRAL COLOR FOR EXTERIOR CONCRETE UNLESS SEALED WITH AN EXTERNAL SEALER.


ADMIXTURES: Water reducing agents, dispersing agents, retarders, or air entraining agents may be used along with Lambert Colors. These admixtures, if used, should be added at the batch plant in the type and amount specified by the mix designer to accomplish the intended results considering the raw materials to be used. Each load of colored concrete should contain the same dosage of admixtures. Avoid the use of calcium chloride or other admixtures that will contribute to efflorescence.

SUBGRADE: The subgrade should be uniformly graded, compacted and thoroughly dampened.

BATCHING: Add color by weight, directly into the mixer along with the aggregate, cement and water. While adding color, the transit mixer should operate at charging speed or at mixing speed for 5 to 10 minutes or from 50-100 revolutions.

PLACING: All colored concrete should be placed at the same slump, using the lowest slump compatible with a workable and placeable mix. A 4" slump is recommended, with a 5" maximum.

FINISHING: Finishing should be done carefully to insure color uniformity. A broom, rotary, or textured finish is recommended. Over troweling should be avoided. No dusting of cement or sprinkling of water should be used when finishing colored concrete. NOTE: NEVER COVER COLORED CONCRETE WITH PLASTIC SHEETING, MEMBRANE PAPER OR USE INTERMITTENT WETTING AND DRYING.

SAMPLES: We recommend that a sample be made with materials that will be used on the job in the color proportions specified, as the color of the cement and aggregate will influence the final color. All samples should be cured before a final decision is made, as the wet un-aired concrete will be a darker (or stronger) color than the cured concrete after hydration of the cement.


Color is sold in boxes equal to the amount recommended for 1 bag of cement (except Jet Black, Texas Buff, Utility Red, and Adobe Tan). It is also sold in 50 lb. bags